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as summer is getting closer and closer to ending and most of my friends who I have been friends with for almost 10 years, 6 years or even only 2 and a half but mean the most to me in the world leave Friday or next weekend along with me. I’m not good with change and I’m not good with goodbyes. one of my closest and best friends is still going to Florida. I know it’s her dream and she’s going to be so happy and that’s really all I want. but I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the distance. she’s been away on vacation with her family for almost a week and I haven’t texted her a lot bc she needs to spend time with them and needs space away from me. but lately I’ve just been needing her. I hate how I’m so dependent on my friends but especially her. I know she has her own life and other friends but this girl is like family to me. like actual family. its not even the fact that I’m leaving just her. like I need to make sure that this is what I really want and that I can do this. I don’t want to be this fucked up mental weird kid anymore. I want to be normal. I want my brain to be normal. I want to know someone who is mentally stable and can treat me good and somewhat attractive will be able to love me. bc I don’t think that anyone could love me with how I am. how do I deal with any of this. how can I overcome this. idk what to do anymore. I just had to vent bc I honestly really can’t talk to anyone about it.

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“I think it’s about taking pride in the fact that you know who you are and it honestly doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t understand you.”

Taylor Swift talking about Shake It Off (Radio 1 August 19th 2014)

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me before puberty:


me after puberty:


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